Coconut Butter - Pure Body Butter 90g.

Coconut Butter - Pure Body Butter 90g.

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Pure Body Coconut butter has a moisturizing and regenerating effect. It smoothest and firms sagging skin, adding radiance to it.

Benefits for skin:

  • moisturizing and regenerating, 
  • reducing discoloration, 
  • antibacterial, antioxidant,
  • anti-acne. 

How to use coconut butter on your hair?

First of all, remember not to overdo it - just a little of the product is enough to make your hair look healthier. Just take a small dollop into your hand, let it melt a little, and then rub it into your hair. Coconut butter works well, for example, as a natural serum for damaged hair ends. Some people also massage them into the scalp to stimulate new hair growth. However, it is best to apply coconut butter to dry or damp hair before washing and leave it for some time, then wash it off with a shampoo. 

Benefits for hair:

  • moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes damaged hair, 
  • regenerates and smoothest dry and frizzy hair, 
  • strengthens hair bulbs, prevents hair loss and stimulates new hair growth.