Our story

Hello we are Leanne and Hazel. We are both very passionate about animals. 

Leanne has always been surrounded by a menagerie of animals, a ginger kitten as a Christening gift was the start of her love for cats. Growing up in Ireland meant she was fortunate to have her own donkey, a dog and cats as family pets. Preferring to be outdoors, meant she soon made friends with all the wildlife too. Any animal found injured or distressed, Leanne found herself becoming their saviour. 

Hazel grew up with dogs and has an affinity towards Staffordshire Bull Terriers. In 2009 she adopted her first cat, little did she know this was the beginning of a feline passion! Hazel too has a love of wildlife, up close and personal with pigeons, squirrels and frogs. Although she has a fear of insects and creepy crawlies, she is now facing her fears, living amongst them in the country. 

Leanne and Hazel set up their own cat rescue called Paws with Claws Feline Rescue in July 2017. Sadly due to a health condition the rescue closed in January 2018. 

In April 2018 Paws with Claws Fundraising was born, an idea stemming from our experience in rescue. We knew the difficult part of rescuing was having a regular income, financial support. Armed with this knowledge we vowed to help as many animal rescues as possible. 

The page is growing daily and going from strength to strength. This website is the next step to increasing our potential in our fundraising quest.